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A lot of people these days are looking for purpose and meaning in their lives. The misalignment between their work and their true desires, interests and values leads to feeling stuck, unmotivated and even sick.
If you are unhappy with your job right now and are longing for work that is aligned with your passions, talents and values… work that brings joy, excitement, sense of fulfillment and prosperity – this book is for you!

My book, ‘A Shift toward Purpose’, addresses very important issues that people encounter in their quest for authentic self-expression.

  • It answers the question WHY you search for purpose and meaning

  • It talks about HOW to discover the most authentic career choice for YOU

  • It helps to decide WHEN to make the change

  • It describes the Best Ways to TRANSITION to a new career

  • It talks about important COMMUNICATION secrets that help you be successful and respected at work

  • It addresses LIMITING BELIEFS that you may have about yourself and your life… and ways to release them

 I want to inspire you and activate your courage so that you will Love Yourself enough to have a meaningful life and to work through your fear of change and activate your Creative Potential.

Millen Livis

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About Working With Millen Livis

“MILLEN LIVIS is an expert in Wealth and Finances. She shares timeless principles and a proven step-by-step process to shift your thinking and actions to abundance and financial freedom. Readers will gain a clear understanding of wealth creation and wealth management as well as a concise roadmap to abundance. The concepts in this book are profound and provide readers a common sense approach to abundance consciousness, personal responsibility, investing, spending and saving.“

Constance L. Arnold, International Radio Talk Show Host

“Millen Livis’ A Shift toward Abundance is an information-packed book for the person who’s truly committed to achieving financial freedom. This easy-to-understand book discusses the importance of creating an abundance mentality that supports your financial goals. The book expertly lays out concrete actions to reduce debt and manage money from a place of empowerment rather than from fear or denial. Livis delves into a range of topics including investing and multiple streams of income, so this book can benefit both the business owner and the employee.”

Yvonne Bynoe, Business Coach and Creator of Soulful Affluence

“This book is a great concise and practical guide for the reader who is ready to finally master their finances. It covers important aspects of your inner wealth game, provides common sense rules for building Financial Freedom, and it gives you a nuts and bolts Wealth Creation and Management system. If you are passionate about living a truly abundant and free life – this book will help you get there!”

Morgana Rae, President of Charmed Life Coaching Inc. International #1 Bestselling author of Financial Alchemy: 12 Months of Magic & Manifestation


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My Journey To Personal 
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It was during my downward spiral in life that I was fortunate to meet a life coach who told me that the challenges I was going through would pass, that I can and will have a joyful and abundant life IF… I master my ‘inner game.’

Once I realized that I needed to change my beliefs about money and what’s possible for me, I allowed a mixture of faith, risk-taking and ambition to take over, driving me to becoming financially independent. I've learned all I could about the abundance mindset, money management and investments! I learned how to develop a confident, loving and respectful relationship with money. And I built a meaningful and successful business.

Anxiety and resistance are typical reactions to change, but investing in my education, taking strategic risks and developing exuberant confidence have led me and my family to the blessed life we live today.

Yes, I dared to change what wasn’t working for me. It was scary to make the decision to leave my marriage after being together for over 20 years, but it felt right, and still does. It was also challenging to quit a very comfortable, six-figure job to explore new possibilities as an entrepreneur. Besides all these changes, I decided to go back to graduate school for an MBA degree while in my forties.

I share these personal details with you to emphasize that achieving financial freedom, along with change, is not always easy… yet possible! I can honestly say that I ‘failed myself forward’!

If you are clear about your vision for life, willing to do the work and won’t give up along the way – your success is inevitable!

I live what I teach. And I would love to help you achieve the life of your dreams!

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