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About the Author

About the Millen Livis

It was through overcoming a few adversities in life that I’ve learned to really trust my life journey, surrender and reconnect to my authentic power, inner wisdom and feminine sensuality. I developed strength, courage and the deepest sense of gratitude.

The “Dare to Change Life” book series was born from my personal life experiences and numerous conversations with my beautiful daughter, Marina, who endured a few life challenges herself and yet persevered and found endurance, faith and grace along the way. Today I am very excited to announce the arrival of the “Dare to Change Life” book series!

This book series is very important to me because I share so many nuggets of wisdom and personal secrets, success habits and strategies that I used myself and that helped me create a truly incredibly blessed life. I really practice what I preach and have manifested a fulfilling, exciting and joyful life on so many levels! I am an author, a transformational coach and an entrepreneur, mother and wife.

My message to the world is one of HOPE and POSSIBILITIES and I am often referred to as a ‘Possibilities Catalyst.’ I am honored to help other women create and embody the highest vision for their work and life. I support and guide women using my transformational coaching, inspiring and practical books and private transformational retreats held in France and the USA.

If you told me a few years ago that I would have the life I live now, I would be the first to laugh in disbelief. And yet today I live an amazing life and am happy to share with other women what I have learned for myself in order to manifest my life. So, if you want to get an inside look at how I’ve created loving, lasting relationships, a fulfilling career, ageless beauty and financial independence – it’s all here!

With Love and Gratitude,


Millen Livis